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Without KYDAFLOW, teams end up in using multiple tools and cannot see the related data together easily.  It takes patchwork of data to assemble the information needed.

  • With KYDAFLOW, all data is connected and integrated.
  • Team members can locate relevant information (historical as well as current) in seconds/minutes (not hours, days or weeks)
  • Data focused platform that captures all relevant events.
  • Each UI view is designed to support workflow, reporting, graphs/charts , data export/import, and on-line help
  • Bundled with tools like Gantt, Agile Manager, Flow Charts, and Developer utilities  (replacing the need for diagram tools for each team member)
Contribute Content

Contribute data content by entering through UI or importing from other sources or connecting directly with third party products.

Understand Data Landscape

Understand the data landscape by analyzing metadata, artifacts and search functionality.

Consume Data

Translate collected data into meaningful, useful information.

Improve Productivity

By joining teams together with data, you can move forward with speed and agility.

Get Started

Import data from Jira, Trello, MS Project, ServiceNow , or a spreadsheet to build your first repository in minutes.

Prioritize your initiatives

Use Kydaflow to share your work and keep informed about the team progress.  Get everyone on the same page with charts, graphs, reports.

Visualize Data relationships

KYDAFLOW lets you quickly create and identify relationships between data touch points.   Help your team to view the big picture.

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