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The Productivity Platform

By connecting teams and data, you can harness the true power of your business and move forward with speed and agility.


TeamPro is an integrated, multi-tenant, cloud based solution for streamlining service delivery and team management activities.


DataPro is powerful data management solution that allows you to govern and manage enterprise data assets.


Identify, Manage and Protect Your Critical Information using GRCPro.

Connected Data

Every company faces issues such as having “unclean data,” “data being everywhere,” and “data that is not integrated.” Making the right decisions quickly can be a challenge. Connected data is better way to accelerate business value.

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Core Features


Allows you to streamline the tasks and processes


Gather 360-degree real-time insights with our super powerful reports and dashboards.

Role based access

Each logged user has access to the applications and data that they need to do their job.

Document management

Centralized repository to store and share files and documents


Track down every activity done by the team members  using the log details.


Comments and responses can be exchanged between team members

Responsive & Mobile Friendly


Project contents are stored in GIT, SVN, S3, or SharePoint for easy retrieval.


Visualize the data content and patterns using advanced graph technology.


Easy-to-use interface allows you to export/import/share data between kydaflow and other applications.

Charts & Graphs

Charts and Graphs are generated automatically from the available data.


Every UI includes a set of default reports that can be exported to various file types.

Approval & Review

Delegate, manage and track project/data artifact reviews and approvals.

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